Q&A: Juvéderm’s Volux – The Importance of a Well-defined Jawline.

By: Laura Tamagno


Juvéderm adds another winner to its family of fillers.

LT: Hi, Dr. Keamy. Tell me about Volux, Juvéderm’s latest product.

JK: Volux improves moderate to severe loss of jawline definition. Our chin is central to our appearance, and a well-defined jawline draws attention to one’s face. I see the face as an inverted triangle – forehead, cheekbones, and chin. 

LT: Really? So, Botox can smooth the forehead and make it appear broader, Juvederm’s Voluma lifts the cheeks and defines the cheekbones, and the jaw is defined with the Volux. Correct?

JK: True, but Voluma and Botox are also used for the chin. Volux is for the jawline. It augments the the angle from the jaw to the ear and fills in the depression on the jawbone that causes marionette lines. If necessary, Voluma and Botox pick up the slack from there. Voluma plumps the chin, and Botox can stabilize muscle movement to prevent a wrinkle from forming beneath the lower lip.

LT: Wow! No wonder your tagline is the MD with the artist’s touch! Can Volux improve a congenital “weak” chin?

JK: It depends on how recessed the chin is. Implant surgery can remedy a severely recessed chin.

LT: Can it make my turkey neck look better?

JK: Well, maybe a tad. A well-defined jawline may move the focal point away from a developing waddle. But this is purely optics. I use ThermTight, Botox, Opus, or truSculps to address a loose neck. But that is a topic for another discussion.

LT: What makes Volux so unique?

JK: Volux is the first filler developed for injection along the jawbone where there is not much flesh. Juvederm’s Volux is dense enough to be molded and stay put along the bone. It’s wonderful!  

LT: Very informative, Dr. Keamy. I look forward to seeing your patients’ before/afters!

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