Med Spa Videos

Welcome to Keamy Cosmetic Centre | Keamy Cosmetic | Westborough, MA

Jean Keamy, MD introduces us to Keamy Cosmetic Centre! As a successful ophthalmologist, she's expanded her practice to now incorporate cosmetic procedures including Botox injections, Dermal Fillers injections for fine lines and wrinkles, Eyelid surgery, and many more.

Get To Know Dr. Jean Keamy | Keamy Cosmetic | Westborough, MA

As the founder of both Keamy Eye & Laser Centre and Keamy Cosmetics, Dr. Keamy is well versed in both ophthalmology and cosmetic medi-spa procedures.

OPUS Plasma | Keamy Cosmetic | Westborough, MA

Watch Dr. Keamy use the Opus device to rejuvenate a patient's upper eyelids servicing the Westborough, MA area.

truSculpt iD With Dr. Keamy | Keamy Cosmetic | Westborough, MA

Watch along as Dr. Keamy gets treatment from the truSculpt iD device at our facility!

Injecting Juvederm Volbella Into Tear Trough | Keamy Cosmetic | Westborough, MA

Dr. Keam performs Juvederm Volbella injections into an actual patient's tear trough while discussing the benefits and uses.

Botox Injections | Keamy Cosmetic | Westborough, MA

Dr. Keamy discusses the benefits which using Botox injections on the face can provide with a patient while administering the treatment.

Dr. Keamy Discusses Botox, Fillers, Etc. | Keamy Cosmetic | Westborough, MA

Dr. Jean Keamy explains a multitude of the non-invasive aesthetic services we offer our clients at the Keamy Cosmetic Centre.

What is Bellafill? | Keamy Cosmetic | Westborough, MA

Watch along aas Dr. Jean Keamy talks about the uses and benefits which the Bellafill product can provide our patients.

Dr. Keamy uses Laser Genesis on Real Patient | Keamy Cosmetic | Westborough, MA

Watch how the Laser Genesis is used by the Keamy Cosmetic Centre staff on an actual patient at the clinic!

Learn About ThermiRF System | Keamy Cosmetic | Westborough, MA

Come join us at Keamy Cosmetic to see before and after comparisons of the ThermiRF System.

Opus Plasma with Glide Tip to Tighten Face

Dr Jean Keamy of Keamy Cosmetic Centre demonstrates how opus plasma works. Opus plasma uses plasma energy and radio frequency to resurface skin and tighten skin simultaneously.