Bridal Beauty by Dr. Jean Keamy, the MD with the Artist's Touch

By: Laura Tamagno


I've worked dozens of bridal parties, serving mimosas and snacks, and giving mini massages. Everyone is smiling and laughing, even the mothers-of. The bride is gorgeous! Glowing, really.

The perfect wedding takes a lot of planning: the venue, the invitations, the flowers, the menu, and the seating - right down to your signature cocktail. I've been in the Beauty business long enough to know that it takes more than a Keto diet, a mani/pedi, and a pinch of Botox to glow on your special day. Your Big Day is more than a magical whirlwind celebration because videos, photos, and social media live forever, thanks to Facebook and Instagram. Your Beauty deserves a prime spot in your wedding plan. Let's start with a few examples:

Are you dying for the perfect strapless dress? Nothing can diminish the allure of a sweetheart neckline more than an overflow of underarm flesh. Voluptuous is in, but if you are spilling over that line, a few truSculpt treatments may be all you need to work that dress down the aisle like it's New York Fashion week. truSculpt can tighten your waist, flatten your tummy, and reign in your flanks. However, truSculpt isn't a magic wand and is not for everyone. If these areas concern you, schedule a consultation with Dr. Keamy.

Do you want to hear a hushed gasp when he lifts your veil? That is how flawless you want your face to be. If you have problems such as acne scars, or brown spots and surface wrinkles from too much fun in the sun, Opus Plasma could be the treatment for you. Loose skin and fine lines around the eyes and mouth (lipstick lines - gone!) are put on notice by Opus as well. Opus works wonders on a sun-damaged decolletage, as well as hands, knees, and other body areas.

My favorite feature of Alma's Opus Plasma system is that skin resurfacing and tightening can be delivered during the same treatment! For instance, my skin exhibits the laxity of a senior citizen, but (thankfully!) the texture is very good. Dr. Keamy concentrated on laxity during my treatment, and the results were outstanding! Especially around the eyes, my upper lids tightened right up, and the awful bags under my eyes are, well, all I can say is, Poof!

Let's not forget the bread and butter of cosmetic treatments: Botox and fillers. You may not be a candidate for truSculpt or Opus, but chances are you're ready for Botox. If you are skeptical, take note of this cautionary tale: When I first heard an aesthetician proclaim that it's never too early to start Botox. I thought sarcastically, "Of course you would say that!" Then I looked in the mirror, and although my brow was smooth from the Botox, I had deep wrinkles that developed over 40 years of frowning and squinting! There’s a reason why I call Botox the gateway treatment to maintaining your beauty. 

What bride doesn't want kissable lips? Lip enhancement is another "starter" treatment for many young women who want to perfect their pout. I judge the talent of a cosmetic treatment specialist by their lips. If their patients are sporting big sausage lips, I say buh-bye! Dr. Keamy consistently delivers perfect lips! She carefully considers the patient's natural lip shape and any age-related deflation and/or puckering along the upper lip line. The result: soft, natural, and youthful lips for all ages! 

You’re busy, I get that, but don’t let your Beauty slip thru the cracks! The point of my little dissertation is to stress the importance of having a parallel wedding plan – a Beauty Plan.

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