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While in her later 20s this patient underwent a restylane® working with Dr. Jean Keamy. She was looking for a method to lessen apparent nasolabial folds that resulted in a more aged appearance. Because of this she is thrilled because Restylane® injections added mid-facial volume and delivered subtle, younger-looking enhancements without needing to have surgery. This patient pointed out that she believed the service from Dr. Jean Keamy was the best she had ever experienced.

Lip Filler w/ Restylane Kysse



Restylane Kysse for Fuller Lip

29 yo patient wanted fuller lips with Restylane Kysse. After photo is immediately after injection. Kysse is soft and pliable making the lips full but soft like the feel of a natural lip. Dr Jean Keamy creates lip augmentation with restylane family of fillers. How full the lip becomes is based on how much filler is used.  Many people want a slight subtle change while others want a more full lip.  Dr. Keamy collaborates with her patient for the desired outcome.

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