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While in her mid-50s this female patient had botox® cosmetic (also known as "Wrinkle Relaxer", "BOTOX® Injections", or "Wrinkle Treatment") with Dr. Jean Keamy. She presented with creases on the in her neck and asked for preventive solution to refrain from needing surgical operations in the future. Now she is pleased because a minimal amount of wrinkle relaxer was introduced into specific areas to treat fine lines in neck and jawline and potentially keep future lines from occurring. The patient stated that she thought the service from Dr. Jean Keamy was the best she had ever experienced.

Botox Cosmetic for Neck Lines



Botox Cosmetic for Neck Lines

Botox Cosmetic was injected into the lines of the neck and along the jaw line.  Dr Jean Keamy restores the youthful appearance of this patient's neck with botox injections. She performs this at both her Westborough and Salem, Ma locations.

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