Patient in middle 50s: Droopy Eyelid Treatment in Westborough, MA

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This older patient had a droopy eyelid treatment (sometimes called "Eyelid Repair", "Eyelid Lift", or even "Lower Lid Rejuvenation") at the Keamy Cosmetic MetroWest in Westborough in 2022 during the spring while she was in her middle 50s. The feeling of safety and trust at Keamy Cosmetic MetroWest made all the difference for the patient.

Droopy Upper Eyelids



Blepharoplasty of Upper Lids

50 yo Female patient underwent a surgical blepharoplasty of her upper eyelids. Note how wide and open her baby blue eyes now appear.  Dr Keamy has been performing surgical blepharoplasty for 20 years. As an eye surgeon, she is well versed in the anatomy of the eyelid. The eyes are one of the most important features of the face,  A blepharoplasty can totally rejuvenate the entire face,

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