O&A: Alma’s Opus Plasma, A First-hand Report. A live demo followup.

By: Laura Tamagno


LT: Hi, Trish. I understand you recently had a full face and neck Opus treatment. Full disclosure: I watched the treatment live on Instagram. It’s been a month now. Are you satisfied with the results so far?

TR: Yes, definitely! Within a week, the redness was gone, and my skin was plumped and smooth.

LT: You were red for one week? What about the “minimal downtime” in Alma’s materials?

TR: Minimal downtime is correct; I could wear foundation the next day! My skin felt like very fine sandpaper to the touch, and I thought, “Oh no, my foundation will look terrible!” Not so! I was stunned that I had full and flawless coverage!  

LT: Hmmm . . . Interesting. What’s that about?

TR: I asked Dr. Keamy the same thing! She explained that Opus bypasses the outer layers of skin, penetrates deep into the tissues, and modifies the collagen to resurface and tighten the skin. Bottom line - less downtime!

LT: Incredible! Minimal downtime is a crucial consideration for those that keep their cosmetic treatments private. The question on the tip of many tongues is, “Does it hurt?”

TR: The discomfort is bearable. The first touch was surprising, but I leaned into it once I knew what to expect. Additionally, Dr. Keamy can adjust the power so no one needs to be in pain! She can also calibrate the machine to concentrate on the patient’s needs, skin tightening, or resurfacing.

LT: Two treatments in one, and customizable. Amazing! I looked at your before/afters. Very impressive! Anything you’d like to add?

TR: Yes! The collagen builds over time. I will ask Dr. Keamy to post a photo at 3 months or whenever she thinks is best!

LT: Very good; I look to that. Thanks for your time, Trish.

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