A Botox Primer


Keamy Q&A:  A Botox Primer

LT: Hi, Dr. Keamy. Let's jump right in and clear up some misconceptions folks have about Botox . 

JK: Sounds good. Let's get started.

LT: You would not believe how many people use “Botox” as an umbrella term for all facial injectables. Fillers, too, but we'll just leave that right here!

JK: The reason why Botox is often used as a generic term, the same as Kleenex or Xerox, is because it was the first of its kind. Botox Cosmetic trademarked by Allergan is the original botulinum toxin branded wrinkle-reduction treatment. 

LT: I did some research and learned that Allergan launched Botox Cosmetic in 2002, but it seems like it’s been around longer than that.

JK: Therapeutic Botox was first used by ophthalmologists to treat double vision and blepharospasm, a condition causing the muscle around the eye to spasm. They found when Botox was injected it smoothed out wrinkles and, voila!, Botox Cosmetic was born!

LT: Some people are wary of the fact that Botox comes from the botulism toxin. Would put their minds at ease?

JK: Sure. The botulinum toxin has been biomedically engineered attenuating it so it cannot produce botulism. Botox Cosmetic can have some adverse side effects exist, but they are rare.

LT: Well, that’s a relief! Tell me where you use Botox and how it works.

JK: Botox freezes the dynamic muscles that cause wrinkles by movement; the forehead lines, the frown lines between the brows, and the crows’ feet around the eyes. I also use Botox around the mouth to decrease lips lines and frowns. It usually takes several days for the Botox to take effect; rarely is it over a week. It typically lasts 3-4 months.

LT: What are the other “botox” products do you use, are they interchangeable, and do they cost the same?

JK: I also use Dysport , Xeomin and Jeuveau. Yes, they cost the same per unit, and I use them for the same purposes as I use Botox Cosmetic. I frequently have specials involving all three of these products. 

LT: Thanks, Dr. Keamy. You’ve clarified many of the misconceptions about Botox. You better stock up – your phone will be ringing off the hook very soon!

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